The Flu

Since we got home from London it’s been a little hectic. Before we left I was worried I might catch a flu or a bug on the plane. I was already reading about the flu epidemics going on around the world through the media. So, I tried to boost my immune system as much as possible before and during the trip by upping my doses of Zinc, Vitamin C and added Echinacea.

Since I finished treatment my Globulin levels have been low which is something to do with the liver and is a sign of an autoimmune deficiency. My last blood test results noted Hypogammgobulinamia. When I looked that up it seems to be some kind of immunity disorder. I’m yet to speak to my Haematologist about it but he is aware of the low levels and said it is likely still a hangover from the treatment.

I didn’t get sick while I was away and two days after we got home I was feeling like I got a lucky break until late Saturday evening I felt that furry feeling in my throat that indicates to me that I’m about to get some kind of viral infection. I ended up being completely bedridden on Sunday, which is not normal for me. Being a working mum, I’m used to soldiering on through just about anything. But this was a flu that I’ve not experienced before. I was fevering bad and my body hurt to touch, not to mention the pounding headache, sinus and thick layer of phlegm on my chest.

I knew I was in trouble and I thought the worst. I had cold sweats and was in and out of consciousness. When I woke up Monday morning, Craig had left for work and I knew I had to get the kids to school. I also knew I had no hope of getting out of bed. So, I called my beautiful doting parents who live just down the road (yes I am truly lucky). It hurt to talk and I couldn’t get my temp below 39.5 degree Celsius. My parents were worried so my dad called an Ambulance. Now I usually wouldn’t be that dramatic for a flu but when you’ve had cancer treatment and your immune system has still not bounced back you worry about every flu or bug you catch. Can my immune system handle this?

The paramedics and hospital staff were fantastic. They took me straight in, hooked me up to a drip and managed to get my temperature under control. They did all the tests and were confident it was viral and I just had to wait it out. I was home and back in bed by lunchtime.

So I waited it out. It took another 3 days and I was mostly bedridden the entire time. Thank god for my incredible husband and mother. I’ve only just really got my mum back after many years of her being sick but that is another story for another day. Some people reading this will know the story and understand how much it meant to me for my mum to be there for me, to get the kids ready for school and take them, keep my kitchen clean and bring me food to make sure I was eating. I never thought she would ever be able to do those things for me and it fills my heart to have her with me.

I went to my GP on Wednesday and he ended up putting me on antibiotics. So I’ve just finished them and I’m feeling almost back to normal.

I’ve come to learn that there are no coincidences in life and I’m just going to go with the flow. I would love you to come along with me on my journey as I document it with this blog. I’ve already been researching so many things that I can do to keep my body healthy, in order to put off having further treatment for as long as possible. So, I will be sharing what I already have learnt but I still have so much to learn and I’m excited to share it as I go. I love it when I stumble across things that I find relevant to my journey and if it happens more than once I see that as a sign that I need to research and look into it further.

Lately I’ve been coming across Glutathione. I didn’t know what it was. In short, it is described as “The Mother of all antioxidants”. Most antioxidants fight against a specific type of free radical. Glutathione can address any type of free radical in any type of location. It also can be used over and over again in the body.  So, this is my new challenge, give my body a good supply of glutathione and give my immune system the boost it needs. To do this I need to do a Liver detox. So I’ve found one I’m going to try and we’ll be able to see the results from my next blood test. Wish me luck!

Nicky G xx

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