Juicing Tips

Drinking your juice on an empty stomach and at least 30-45 minutes before a meal is ideal. It allows your body to absorb all the amazing nutrients quicker. Most people will drink one large juice in the morning and this is fantastic. However, your body is only going to absorb the nutrients it needs and then the rest will pass through you and never get used. A great way to get around this is to break your juice up and drink it throughout the day about 30-45 minutes before you eat. I do this by juicing once in the morning and dividing my juice into 4-6 300ml mason jars. Doing this will allow your body to get the most out of your juice and you will notice the difference.


Some people will say it is best to drink the juice as soon as you juice it. There are many claims that using a fast juicer will allow some of the nutrients to die off faster when the chopping element heats up. Using a slow crush juicer will allow the nutrients to live longer allowing you refrigerate the juice and still get all the nutrients your body needs. If you don’t have a juicer you can blend the ingredients and push them through a nut bag. This will also make it very easy to drink without the pulp. If you feel you haven’t juiced enough to fill all your jars, you can top them up with Coconut water. Coconut water has many benefits including antioxidants so is a great addition.

Now, what should I juice? I always say the best juicing recipe to get you started is carrot, beetroot and ginger. This is a lovely sweet tasting juice if you don’t over do the ginger. Ginger is amazing for your digestive system and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Carrot is an excellent source of beta-carotene which is one of the most powerful antioxidants and beetroot is known to help detoxify the liver.


Try not to get overwhelmed with packing too many fruit and vegetables into your juicer. A good way to start is to stick with two vegetables and one fruit. Goodluck!

Nicky G xx


Just before I started my treatment I was introduced to a man named Phil. He and his lovely wife brought me into their home and shared with me their journey. Phil was diagnosed with Melanoma cancer which had spread all throughout his organs and there was nothing that western medicine could do for him so he was sent home. His daughter gave him a book that set him off on a journey to save his own life. The night I went to their home was 3 years after the doctors sent him home. He was the man that started me off on my own journey of self healing. He was healing himself and he showed/told me exactly how he did it. I still have the notebook where I scribbled down every detail of his daily ritual, the books that he read and the unspeakable things he did to himself to save his own life. It was incredibly eye opening.

He taught me that this is MY journey, only I can work out what is going to work for me and that I needed to take control of my own health. He told me to establish my own daily routine and constantly tweak it so that is what I do. He said that when I read a book, I should read it three times. All of his advice has stayed with me and I am truly thankful his guidance and for kickstarting my self healing journey.

I always start my day with a pint of warm water because I read about Japanese Water Therapy. The Japanese believe that we should always drink water on an empty stomach. So, when I wake I drink a pint of warm water. I then wait 45 minutes before I eat or drink anything else. During this time I usually water my garden and meditate. I love spending my mornings outside. I usually wake very early before the kids have woken so I get this time to myself. During this time I also dry brush my skin and it feels amazing! There are so many benefits to dry brushing and the main one for me is that it stimulates the lymphatic system and assists with lymphatic drainage. It also is an excellent exfoliator, increases circulation and reduces cellulite.

Another thing I do in the mornings is jump on a little rebounder trampoline. I usually only last about 5 minutes but have read that for best results I should be jumping for around 15 minutes a day so I tend to hop back on during the day. Rebounding improves lymphatic circulations, strengthens the immune system and is great for your digestive system.

The most recent addition to my daily health routine is Celery Juice. I’ve been reading a book called Medical Medium by Anthony Williams and he points out that celery juice on its own on an empty stomach is one of the most powerful and healing juices you can drink. I believe this is the best thing I can do to prepare my liver as I attempt to boost my Glutathione levels to strengthen my immune system.

If I miss a day or two of my daily health routine I don’t worry about it. I think it is important not to put any pressure on ourselves. I have found that before I make any major lifestyle changes I need to wait for my mind to be ready before jumping into anything too quickly. It might sound strange but it really works. I’ve been following a vegan diet for about 9 months now. I did a lot of research into diet over the years and decided that the best way to keep my body as healthy as I can is to follow a vegan diet. I made this decision about 1 year before I actually made this lifestyle change. I never pressured myself, I just knew that when the time was right I would know and that is exactly what happened. I woke up one morning and realised I was ready, so I stopped eating meat, egg and dairy. I’m not a strict vegan, I might have some honey with some lemon every now and then if I have a sore throat. I also might have some fish once in a while if I feel I need it or there are no vegan options if I am dining out.

When I first started making these changes I would change one small thing at a time and when I was comfortable with that I would move onto the next thing.

Nobody knows my body like me and what I’ve learnt about myself this last 4 years has been invaluable and I’m excited to learn more. I intend to learn exactly how my body ticks and if I can do that I just might be able to avoid any further treatment all together.

I would love to know what your daily health routine looks like.

NickyG xx

The Flu

Since we got home from London it’s been a little hectic. Before we left I was worried I might catch a flu or a bug on the plane. I was already reading about the flu epidemics going on around the world through the media. So, I tried to boost my immune system as much as possible before and during the trip by upping my doses of Zinc, Vitamin C and added Echinacea.

Since I finished treatment my Globulin levels have been low which is something to do with the liver and is a sign of an autoimmune deficiency. My last blood test results noted Hypogammgobulinamia. When I looked that up it seems to be some kind of immunity disorder. I’m yet to speak to my Haematologist about it but he is aware of the low levels and said it is likely still a hangover from the treatment.

I didn’t get sick while I was away and two days after we got home I was feeling like I got a lucky break until late Saturday evening I felt that furry feeling in my throat that indicates to me that I’m about to get some kind of viral infection. I ended up being completely bedridden on Sunday, which is not normal for me. Being a working mum, I’m used to soldiering on through just about anything. But this was a flu that I’ve not experienced before. I was fevering bad and my body hurt to touch, not to mention the pounding headache, sinus and thick layer of phlegm on my chest.

I knew I was in trouble and I thought the worst. I had cold sweats and was in and out of consciousness. When I woke up Monday morning, Craig had left for work and I knew I had to get the kids to school. I also knew I had no hope of getting out of bed. So, I called my beautiful doting parents who live just down the road (yes I am truly lucky). It hurt to talk and I couldn’t get my temp below 39.5 degree Celsius. My parents were worried so my dad called an Ambulance. Now I usually wouldn’t be that dramatic for a flu but when you’ve had cancer treatment and your immune system has still not bounced back you worry about every flu or bug you catch. Can my immune system handle this?

The paramedics and hospital staff were fantastic. They took me straight in, hooked me up to a drip and managed to get my temperature under control. They did all the tests and were confident it was viral and I just had to wait it out. I was home and back in bed by lunchtime.

So I waited it out. It took another 3 days and I was mostly bedridden the entire time. Thank god for my incredible husband and mother. I’ve only just really got my mum back after many years of her being sick but that is another story for another day. Some people reading this will know the story and understand how much it meant to me for my mum to be there for me, to get the kids ready for school and take them, keep my kitchen clean and bring me food to make sure I was eating. I never thought she would ever be able to do those things for me and it fills my heart to have her with me.

I went to my GP on Wednesday and he ended up putting me on antibiotics. So I’ve just finished them and I’m feeling almost back to normal.

I’ve come to learn that there are no coincidences in life and I’m just going to go with the flow. I would love you to come along with me on my journey as I document it with this blog. I’ve already been researching so many things that I can do to keep my body healthy, in order to put off having further treatment for as long as possible. So, I will be sharing what I already have learnt but I still have so much to learn and I’m excited to share it as I go. I love it when I stumble across things that I find relevant to my journey and if it happens more than once I see that as a sign that I need to research and look into it further.

Lately I’ve been coming across Glutathione. I didn’t know what it was. In short, it is described as “The Mother of all antioxidants”. Most antioxidants fight against a specific type of free radical. Glutathione can address any type of free radical in any type of location. It also can be used over and over again in the body.  So, this is my new challenge, give my body a good supply of glutathione and give my immune system the boost it needs. To do this I need to do a Liver detox. So I’ve found one I’m going to try and we’ll be able to see the results from my next blood test. Wish me luck!

Nicky G xx

My first blog post

My name is Nicky and this is something I’ve been meaning to do for some time. I want to tell my story and record my journey for my kids and my family so whatever happens to me this will be there as hopefully some kind of comfort. I also want to help others on similar journeys because that is my passion, to help people.

Four years and 1 day ago I was living my life with my wonderful husband and two adorable kids. It wasn’t an easy life. I was always putting everyone else ahead of myself and I was burning out. But on this day four years ago and 1 day I received a phone call from a Haematologist who told me I have Lymphoma. My first question was “Is that cancer?” to which he answered “Yes”. That was the day my old life died and a new life had begun. To be honest I don’t like to think of my old life. It was stressful and draining.

It all started when I found multiple lumps on my neck and was sent for a fine needle biopsy. I honestly thought it was something like glandular fever and cancer hadn’t even entered my mind.

The day I was told I had cancer is a blur. I remember my husband getting on the internet to research and subsequently banning me from going on the Internet. He was a mess for at least 2 days. I was just stunned and didn’t know what to think. I didn’t understand at the time but my life was about to take a completely new direction.

Next up came scans, a neck disection and a bone marrow biopsy and it was confirmed that I had Stage 4 Grade 2 Follicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. This is an incurable blood cancer.

It was so far advanced that I was told I had to commence treatment immediately and was recommended for a medical trial called Hot MabThera. My Haematologist at the time told me my prognosis was around 10 years with treatment which I felt I should be greatful for but at 32 years old my youngest child wasn’t even a year old. To me it was completely horrifying to think I may not see my kids finish school, or get married, or meet my grandchildren. I spent many nights just crying in my husbands arms. I had never been so scared in my whole life.

I started treatment which involved me being injected with Radioactive Iodine and was placed under house arrest for 10 days. I stayed away from my family for two weeks just to make sure they were safe. I was also put on an intravenous drug called Rhituximab weekly for 1 month and then every 3 months for a year.

It was during this time that I decided I was not going to lie down and take it. I went on a mission to research every natural cancer curing technique I could find. I tried all sorts and met so many amazing cancer survivors along the way. It helped me stay mentally strong and feel positive that if I could just keep my body toxic free and manage my deficiencies I could live a long and fruitful life with my loved ones. That is all that mattered to me.

I had many side effects from the treatment including many mouth ulcers, geographic tongue (my tongue was smooth as my tastebuds all moved to the edge of my tongue and lost my sense of taste) and many bad days of fatigue and nausea. My platelets dropped so low I required a playlet infusion. At that point I decided to change Haematologists and found the wonderful Dr David Joske at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in Perth. He agreed to take me on as his patient and I am forever grateful.

I had my last Rhituximab infusion on 12th February 2015, almost 1 year to the day I got that phone call. After my treatment ended I crumbled mentally. I think it was partly because I knew it was going to return at some point and I felt like a time bomb. I cried most days and the part that makes me cry when thinking about this time is how it affected my daughter who was only 6 years old at the time. She could see my sadness and that year in her letter to Santa she wished for Mummy to be happy again.

It was then I knew I needed some real support and the only people I thought could help me were others living with this disease. Not just lymphoma but people with Follicular Lymphoma. I searched the Internet but couldn’t find anywhere I could really connect with anyone.

I decided to start my own Facebook group and named it “Living with Follicular Lymphoma”. Slowly people from all over the world started to trickle in and I was able to relate with these people. Together we formed a community and I finally felt the strength to get on with my new life living with this disease.

I continue to gradually make major lifestyle changes which I feel are going to help delay further treatment as long as possible.

In January 2016, I was contacted through Facebook messenger by a lady called Nicola Mendelsohn who explained she had recently been diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma and really liked my group. She said that she worked for Facebook and would like to use her position to help me grow the group and help more people around the world living with this disease. At first I was sceptical and decided I better do some research to find out who she is. It turns out she is a Facebook Executive, Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa. I was stunned and grateful to her for reaching out to me.

Over the last 12 months her input has had an amazing impact on the group helping thousands of people around the world. She has hosted live Q&A sessions with some of the most highly respected Haematologists around the world. We are sharing up to date research and even medical trials in our group.

In December 2017, Nicola contacted me to invite me to London to meet her in person and attend a Facebook Community Summit so I can learn to be the best possible administrator I can be. I was joined by over 300 other Admins from all over Europe and had a once in a lifetime experience.

I am now currently on my way home from London taking with me a rare insight of which I intend to share with other Facebook Community builders in Western Australia.

I’m really not sure which direction my life will go from here but I intend to keep learning and sharing but most of all I intend to live life to the absolute fullest.

I still have my moments but now more than ever I am living rather than just existing.

Cancer doesn’t have to be death sentence. It teaches you to appreciate living and soak in every moment of every day.

NickyG xx

I dedicate this first blog post to my life partner Craig. With out his strong arms around me and his ability to keep me grounded I do not know where I would be. I love you more deeply now than I ever thought was possible.